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Who we are

Our Mission

To connect traders with credible portfolios and gifted entrepreneurs alike to our online marketplace and help them win a wider and loyal customer following from the comfort of their workplace.

Our Vision

To become the most reputable and credible platform to provide its users with affordable and authentic goods online, while giving its sellers the avenue to be transparent in their trade.

Our Story

Kaiglo is a product of extensive international researches, inter-continental adventure, and the will to pioneer a better approach to e-commerce in Nigeria. We discovered a problem, and we are out to solve it. There’s an absence of “shared value” in the tech sector in Africa. We are here to bring in that “shared value” into the tech biosphere.

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How We Have Evolved:

We grew from 100 orders at the first year of inception to 3987 orders in the third year with 87% customer retention rate. Our revenues and staff strengths have increased significantly. With more expertise and experiential knowledge in the industry, Kaiglo initiated her delivery arm, “KG Express,” which helped her to gain more footing in the ecommerce space, and to introduce the “Same Day Delivery approach” to selected locations.

Who We Serve:

As an internet company, we focus on delivering values and servicing the needs of both
the young & middle-aged demographics, working class, and every African with access to the

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    What We Offer:

    Quality products at the best affordable prices
    Multiple varieties of each products
    Fast and convenient delivery

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    Our Brand Promise:

    We promise to always provide our users with exceptional deals at manufacturer's prices.
    Creating multiple channels where manufacturers can have access to millions of Africans

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    Free returns on any item

    Continuous and never ending technological research and development for exploring the ecommerce marketplace in Nigeria, and Africa.


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Logo About Us

Kaiglo is the online marketplace arm of the parent company - Kaiglo Stores limited, set up to assist traders in giving their business a boost in terms of sales and outreach to potential customers. Kaiglo online marketplace aims to improve eCommerce activities addressing issues of trust, reliability, and efficiency in the system. Kaiglo Stores Limited was founded and registered in 2018 under the CAC act.